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Birth chart Reading

Digital Report  /   $222

Your Soul’s Blueprint

Your Birth Chart Analysis, Main Karmic themes and Soul's Development Plans for this life

You birth chart is like a map of your soul energy, the energies your coming with, potentials, talents, and resources.  It reveals as well blockages, personal, ancestral, biological and collective karma or traumas, that you may be assisting in healing and transmuting in this incarnation, through your life experiences,


It is your unique signature, and as a guiding map, can give you direction and clarities on what your soul may have experienced, and is choosing to experience in this life for its growth.

In this report, I will look at the alignment of the planets, stars, and other cosmic points at the moment of your birth, as well as other influences throughout your life, to gain insights into your spiritual journey and purpose. I will also look at your life path, past lives, potential blockages, your resources and higher potential, to give you a deeper understanding of your soul's journey, the energies you are coming with, and that assist you in your evolution.


This is a personalized report, where I will share the most relevant information for you. This report can vary between 40 to 50 or more pages.

This represents around 8 to 10 hours of work minimum.

In this report I will cover among other topics:

  • The key and important themes in this incarnation

  • Your strengths and soul’s gifts

  • Your karmic past and potential karmic difficulties or wounds to heal in this lifetime

  • The repressed or subconscious fears or wishes, that can affect you and therefore that you need to be overcome in this life

  • The potential lessons you may encounter

  • Your soul mission, your soul plans, what you have chosen to evolve towards in this incarnation

  • Your Key life passages

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What I will need to work on your report

To be able to work on your reports I need the following information:

  • Your Birthdate

  • Your Place of Birth

  • Your Exact Birth Time (very important, alignments can vary with even 10 minutes difference!)

  • Your Full Name


  • Your intentions for this report

  • Other questions or areas of inquiry

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Those reports are personalised digital report, in which I personally analyze your alignments.

Please allow me a few days to work on your report, I will do my best to work on it in the best delays, in consideration of the waiting list.

I will send his report directly to your email address upon completion.

A little disclaimer before we go further

A lot of information in those reports cannot be proven or disproven as it is mainly of metaphysical and hypothetical nature.

As a conscious reader, you take sole responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information presented in those reports.

Use your discernment and do your own further research if you feel guided to.

I invite you to explore the content of those reports with an open mind and heart.


Do you have any inquiries?

Feel free to reach out for me if you have any question!
Whats'App: +852 96644860
Hong Kong, SAR 

Thanks for submitting!

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