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My Perspective On Astrology

You can find a lot of resources and introduction to what astrology is, however, I will share with you my perception of astrology and how it affects and interact with us.

Most of us became accustomed to Astrology through daily horoscopes, however those only take into consideration your sun sign (which is you true self, your essence).

There is so much more depth to your chart when taking into consideration the different planets alignment with the zodiac, position in the houses, degrees and interactions between the planets. This is the mix of all those aspects that create your unique energetic signature.


My vision is that at a quantum level we are interconnected with the universe and all its creation, and as the hermetic principle state: “as above so below”, the microcosm and macrocosm are a reflection of each other. The universe is fractal and holographic, thus the planets movements and alignments influence us at an energetic and quantum level.


My belief is that our soul, the purest aspect of us, has an unique energetic signature that enriched itself from our different aspects of self, that we could call past lives.

When our soul incarnates on earth, in this body, it can only incarnate in a time and star alignments that correspond to its energetic signature and what it chooses to experience in this life.

Hence through studying your chart you can learn more about your karmic past, gift, the soul’s purpose you chose for yourself, as well as how you interact with the world,…You just learn to know yourself better.


Reaching a higher understanding of yourself by studying your Astro chart is a major step towards becoming fully empowered and able to reach your higher potential in this lifetime.

The reason why we do this work is for us to start closing the gap between where we are and where we are meant to be.

However, we are freewill beings, and each choice bring us in a different path and timeline. The chart only shows you influences and how you will tend to act and interact in different areas, but it is up to you whether you decide to express it or not, and how you will express it (in its light or shadow aspects).

Usually, the chart and challenges express themselves in our early years. As we learn and grow, we transcend the karmic lessons or challenges to embody the higher aspect of those archetypal energy.


How you express this energy is entirely your making and creation, you are the artist and creator of your life!

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