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Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the exact time and location that you were born. However, upon relocating to a new place, your houses alignments may change, therefore changing some your astrological themes, focus and influences at the current time.


In this 3rd Tier, in addition to the Tier 2 analysis, I will compare your main astrological themes changes based on your relocation. I will check as well if there are any major changes in the influences of the Star Nations energies working with you in the different areas of your life.

Tier 3 I Your Soul's Journey in this Galaxy, Soul blueprint and Relocation Chart

  • Those reports are personalized digital report, in which I personally analyze your alignments.

    Please allow me a few days to work on your report, I will do my best to work on it in the best delays, in consideration of the waiting list.

    I will send his report directly to your email address upon completion.

  • Refund Policy

    Please be aware that once my reports are purchased, there is no cancellation or refundable policy.

    Exceptionally, in case you purchased the item by mistake, please contact me within 12 hours, and I should refund you upon the condition that I have not started working on your report yet.



    A lot of information in those reports cannot be proven or disproven as it is mainly of metaphysical and hypothetical nature.

    As a conscious reader, you take sole responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information presented in those reports.

    Use your discernment and do your own further research if you feel guided to.


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