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Quantum Soul Guidance
Galactic Astrology Soul Reading

Your Soul's Journey in this Galaxy

Discovering your soul's journey through Astrology and Quantum Soul Guidance


Quantum Soul Guidance   /   Galactic Astrology  /   Birth Chart Analysis 
Life Path  /   Past Lives Theme 

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“I am interested in discovering my birth chart key  themes, soul’s gifts and  potential, my karmic past and soul’s development for this life.”
​“I  want to learn about my Soul’s journey in this Galaxy, Soul connection to different star nations and how it influences my current life”
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Certified  Quantum Soul Guidance &
Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Practicionner

Born in France, after further education in Asian languages, civilisations, and international business,11 years ago my career as a Greater China Sales Manager for a French company started in Hong Kong.  

The global Pause we benefited from, helped me take the leap forward in my passion for metaphysical studies, astrology and spirituality, giving me the time to dedicate myself to it more fully.

I always had a fascination for the mysteries of this universe. My journey took a great leap forward few years ago when I discovered the ground-breaking work of Dolores Canon, that opened my perspectives on our soul’s journey beyond this life and earth.

Since then, I have continued deep diving into spirituality. With the awakening of many Starseeds and light workers, and as more people are opening to the subject, more information is becoming available and is revealed to us. It is when I discovered the Akashic Records,  Evolutionary Astrology and our Galactic History that I found my passions.

I actively started remembrance work and looking for knowledge about my own soul’s journey, with the wish to fully embody what I am here to do, my higher self and galactic soul energy, and as well finding balance between my divine masculine and feminine energies.

I discovered that our quantum universe is truly mathematical, and astrology gives us a guiding map to understand ourselves. Galactic Astrology helped me and empowered me to find clues about my soul’s galactic past, my mission and clues to activate my potential. It is a never-ending remembrance process and there are always more clues being discovered along the way.

If you are guided to it will be my honour to assist you in your remembrance journey through those reports. More importantly feel what resonates with you, all the knowledge you are looking for is within you.


“I am completely amazed, enthusiastic and enchanted by these revelations which make the bridge in me between feelings, deep convictions, and  wounds difficult to name and which light up. THANK YOU ELODIE!!”

Isabelle, Shiatsu & Qi Gong practicioner and teacher, France

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Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Classes

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